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To Address the Common Problem, Bad Heat Dissipation

Bad heat dissipation is the common phenomenon of a multitude of grinding mills. If we overlook this problem, it will badly affect the the efficiency and the produce power of grinding mill. Bad heat dissipation commonly seen on the bearing cooling. How to address this problem?Usually, the reasons of the bad heat dissipation of the bearings are shown in the following aspects.

micro powder grinding mill

Firstly, the bearing was received abnormal hit. The height of the bearing of the grinding mill is different, or the roller of the electric machine is different from the roller of the grinding mill in the center, which will make the bearing receive overheating from the related load and result in the overheating of the bearing. If this phenomenon has appeared, we should stop to debug and adjust the bearing position to avoid the different center that leads to eccentric phenomenon.

Secondly, the improper lubricating oil addition. Adding too much or not enough or too old lubricating oil is the primary cause to lead to bad heat dissipation. If it is overheated, the heat produced cannot send out timely due to its bad heat dissipation performance. If it is not enough, the oil cannot lubricate the machine totally, thus the bearing will be over heating in the condition of high speed. Therefore, we should add the lubricating oil timely and quantitatively according to the instruction. Generally, lubricating oil taken up of 70% the space is the best.

Thirdly, the improper hand process of the bearing cover. Too loose or too tight between the bearing and the bearing seat will cause bad heat dissipation and serious wearing. If this happens, we should stop to take down the the bearing, fix the wearing part, adjust the tightness and then resemble it according to the requirements. In addition that, the bearing is the most vulnerable part, the working staff should always pay attention to its noise if made should be timely dealt with.

Above is the common reason of grinding mill bearing overheating and the corresponding solutions, hope that all the construction worker will safely use it. If you have any problem you can leave your message in our official website. Thank you.

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