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Stone/mineral powder surface modifying machine

Scope of Application of Stone/mineral powder surface modifying machine: 

Stone/mineral powder surface modifying machine is applicable to modifying various materials.  It can reach excellent surface modifications for such materials as heavy / light calcium carbonate, kaolin, talcum, wollastonite, mica, white carbon black, zinc oxide, alumina, silicon powder, graphite, magnesium-hydroxide bariumcarb, illite claystone and pyrophylite, hexagonite and etc.
Performance and features of Stone/mineral powder surface modifying machine:
a) Continuous operation, large capacity, suitable for industrialization production in various scales.
b) High use and less consumption of modifying agent, high covering and active index of power, energy saving.
c) Both modifying and dispersion function, suitable for any fine  materials, special active effect for material with small proportion and big cubage weight like white carbon, mica powder and talcum powder.
d) Powder and agent mixing and running in high speed and vortex, high modifying efficiency, with little change of granulate shape.
e) Running at vacuum, air tight, no dust leakage, no pollution, good operation condition, low labor intensity.
f) Operating in heat and cold conditions,  no additional heating or cooling system required, easy operation
g) Independent fluid and non-fluid agent adding system for continuous, stable and even operation.
Main Technical Parameter of Stone/mineral powder surface modifying machine:

Type SLG-3/300 SLG-3/600
Main unit power (KW) 18.5KW x 3 37KW x 3
Blower power (KW) 5.5KW 15KW
Main shaft rotating speed (RPM) 4500 2700
Output capacity (kg/h) 500-1500 2000-4000
Size (MM) 5250X1800X5600 7218x3680x6450
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