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Reason of Severe Vibration of Grinding Mill

As a modern powder production equipment, ultra-fine grinding mill has been widely used in the important field of chemical industry, construction, power plants, mining, coal and other. Because there will be some problems and failures occur in Grinding Mill, here we do an analysis of the reasons for host vibration of ultra-fine grinding mill.

1. The material is too hard
Ultra-fine grinding mill has a strict limit on the material hardness, which exceeds its scope of work will result in lower production, host violent vibration, and too thick powder. Therefore, the hardness of the material must be controlled better.

2. Material is too fine
This can be controlled by adjusting the speed to the host host vibration.

3.Deformation of roller
Long abrasion changes the shape of the roller, and the roller is not smooth, resulting in severe vibration rolling process. You should replace roller promptly.

ultra-fine grinding mill

4.Anchor bolts of host are loose
This phenomenon is more common, mainly because the machine vibration during grinding can lead to loosening of bolts, which in turn lead to increased vibration. This time, we should carry out the examination of the machine, fasten bolts.

5.uneven feeding
If phenomenon of feeding too much or too little occurs on the mill, it will lead to severe vibration of grinding mill. Feeding amount can be controlled by adjusting the feeder.

6.Installation Problems
During the installation, the center line of host transmission part is not straight. It will vibrate in the process of turning. Please adjust the centerline.

In the process of using, new grinding mill is easy to have mechanical failure due to operational reasons. Therefore, the operator should also continue to learn, to master the mechanical principle of operation, reducing the probability of failure, making the device have safe and efficient production.

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