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Pyrophyllite Grinding Mill Price

Pyrophyllite is a water-bearing aluminosilicate with a low hardness of 1-2 and a fine texture. Its powder has greater application value than raw materials and brings more obvious economic benefits, which is the merit of pyrophyllite grinding mill. The most important thing of this grinding equipment is the powder size. When the user chooses to buy it, he pays more attention to its price. How much is a pyrophyllite grinding mill?

At present, pyrophyllite is widely used in the market, and the price of pyrophyllite powder is also very economic. Taking the market selling price of pyrophyllite powder of raw ore, 1500 mesh and 2500 mesh in a certain area in 2015 as an example, according to the survey, the price of pyrophyllite powder of raw ore is 110 yuan per ton, 1500 mesh is 1650 yuan per ton, and the price of pyrophyllite powder of finer grain is 2500 mesh. It's 2200 yuan per ton. The production of these fine powder is made by pyrophyllite grinder, so the price of pyrophyllite grinding mill is reasonable from the popularity and high price of pyrophyllite fine powder in the market.

In fact, the specific pyrophyllite grinding mill is also related to the type of equipment selected by users. Some users will choose pyrophyllite high-pressure micro-grinding, and some will choose three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding. Because of the different production process costs, the production size will be different, and the price will certainly be different.

pyrophyllite grinding mill

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