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Precautions for Ultrafine Powder Grading

You know, after processed by ultra fine grinding mill, ultrafine powder should be graded. And, efficient is a necessary characteristics of industrial powder equipment. In addition to the performance of the device itself, we can also regulate our own operating behavior to extend the life of the equipment and improve efficiency.

In superfine powder grading process, we need to pay attention to several points as follows:

1.Classification and material properties

The physical properties of the powder to be graded are one of the important factors affecting the classification process. Such as for the abrasive powder, wear-resistant materials or wear-resistant lining should be used; For powder with requirements of iron pollution, we should use iron insulation lining to prevent bringing into the iron because of the erosion of the powder.
ultra fine grinding mill

2.Pre-dispersion of powder

Poor dispersion of the powder is often expressed as coarse particles. In order to achieve an excellent grading effect, particle dispersion is an important manifestation of classification technology. Among them, the choice of the correct dispersant not only helps to improve the efficiency of ultra-fine grading operations, but also not affects the performance of the powder.

3.Classification area is smooth

This is the key to the success or failure of the classification process. No matter what sort of force field of classification, Common requirement is a strong ability to classify, clear grading surface, rapid classification and so on. In addition, there is also a need to minimize or avoid the presence of vortices, that is, unity of streamline form.
As a multi-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary horizontal cross-industry, the powder industry in recent years is concerned by various industries. Ultrafine powder production and grading technology has also been rapidly developed. However, with the rapid development of modern high-tech and new material industry, there are problems and challenges in the classification of superfine powder grading technology. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research on superfine classification technology and equipment.

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