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The Daily Maintenance Work of Grinding Mill

In few days, there are some customers of Clirik's grinding mill ask for us some methods to maintain their grinding mills. To our dear customers satisfaction, Clirik will tell you some advice on the maintenance of the grinding mill.

Check every fastener frequently to ensure the parts og the grinding mill are firm and reliable all the time to avoid accident.Ensure all connections of air ducts are sealed tightly to avoid of leakage.

Prior to installation of the equipment, the person who will be assigned to operate the equipment have to be technically trained to know how the principle and rules of operation. Someone should be specifically selected and put in charge of the operation.

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To ensure normal operation of the grinding mill, a manual of safe operation rules and procedures for equipment operation should be well prepared and followed. Maintenance tools, spare parts, lubricating oil and grease must be available for immediate use.

After getting of the grinding mill maintenance knowledge above, we will make our machine run better. As a professional grinding mill manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik Machinery will help you solve all about your problems. If you want to know more details about how to maintain your grinding mill, please leave your message on our website. 

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