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Main Problem of Ultra fine Grinding Equipment

Chinese ultrafine grinding technology and grinding equipment has rapid development in the 1970s. It has features of many enterprises, but small-scale, less large-scale production equipment business, inadequate investment in scientific research, technical improvements, independent research and development and other aspects, which has seriously hampered the development of ultra-fine grinding equipment. In the current environment of green, environmental protection, energy saving and efficient advocated, growing demand of large-scale equipment and intelligent devices, there is some urgent problems of our superfine grinding equipment:

1.A lack of a unified state and industry standards, quality of ultra-fine grinding equipment product is varies greatly.

Study of ultrafine grinding equipment in China is later than United States, Germany, Japan, and other advanced countries. Different levels of technological enterprises results in low Product technology. But the price is low, which results in a vicious market competition, disrupts the market order, hinders the healthy development of the industry. Therefore, establishing and improving relevant laws and regulations, improving industry access threshold, strictly regulating the development of the industry is essential.

2.Lack of independent research and development capacity, research and development of ultra-fine grinding equipment needs to be improved.

Although China has now become the world's largest producer of ultra-fine grinding equipment, but it is not most powerful nation. Some of the new technology and advanced equipment still rely on imports. In addition, the number of ultra-fine grinding equipment manufacturers is a lot, but generally small-scale, limited funding, lack of R & D investment in equipment automation, mechatronics. R & D level of Ultrafine grinding equipment needs to be improved.

3.low design efficiency and processing capacity and environmental protection capacity needs to be improved.

Since the ultra-fine grinding equipment comes from an emerging industry. Mature design theory and the design basis is absent in our country. In the current manufacturing sector is in a state of downturn. Aging phenomenon of professional designers exists in most of the ultra-fine grinding equipment companies, and conventional planar Auto CAD software is used by Most design company. Secondly, most ultrafine grinding equipment is high-speed device, loss of equipment can not be avoided, so that how to reduce the loss of equipment and materials, improve the crushing efficiency, yeild, and reduce energy consumption per unit is an important part in Ultrafine grinding equipment design.

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