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Clirik Grinding Mill for 1250 Mesh Calcium Carbonate Powder Grinding

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is one of professional stone powder grinding mill manufacturers in China, we can supply many different kinds of stone powder grinding machines, such as: vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, ball mill, hammer mill, ultra fine powder mill and so on. No matter you want to buy a coarse powder grinding mill for your business or you want to choice a ultra fine powder processing machine, leave your inquiry to Clirik, we will share more information with you.

For 1250 mesh calcium carbonate powder grinding, which grinding mill is most suitable?

ultra fine powder mill

First, both Raymond mill and hammer mill are not suitable for 1250 mesh powder grinding, as we have known, that the hammer mill is a type of coarse powder grinding mill, it’s can’t be used in ultra fine powder grinding, generally speaking, we usually called stone powder which above 200 mesh as ultra fine powder, 1250 mesh calcium carbonate powder can’t be processed by hammer mill, and although, the Raymond mill can be used in both coarse and ultra fine stone powder grinding, however, the powder fineness made by Raymond mill just can be adjusted between 50-450 mesh, it’s far away 1250 mesh, so the Raymond mill also can’t be used in 1250 mesh calcium carbonate grinding.

Second, after a long term of processing calcium carbonate mineral by ball mill, we really can process 1250 mesh calcium carbonate powder, however, use ball mill to process calcium carbonate really need to takes more time, and if you want to process the finial calcium carbonate powder product with a high white degree, you need to use ceramics balls in the ball mill, but the cost and waste of ceramics ball mill will higher than use other grinding machine.

Finally, the HGM ultra fine powder mill, the ultra fine powder mill is one type of stone powder grinding mill which is especially used in ultra fine powder grinding machine. The powder fineness made by ultra fine powder mill can be adjusted between 300-2500 mesh, so process 1250 mesh calcium carbonate powder is easy for HGM ultra fine powder mills, and besides calcium carbonate, the ultra fine powder mill also can be used in other more than 200 kinds of minerals powder grinding, such as: calcite, carbon black, limestone, marble, talcum and so on. And because the ultra fine powder mill use grinding rollers and grinding rings to process stone powder, so the grinding mills parts consume problems will less than the ball mill or Raymond mills. But you must check the grinding parts, one time a month, to ensure the ultra fine powder mill can grinding smoothly.

1250 mesh calcium carbonate powder grinding, which machines is better, I believe that you will have an answer after you have read this article. If you have more question about the powder making industry or our grinding mills, welcome to leave your message on our website, according to your message, we will arrange our service customer make a feedback for you soon. Thanks for your reading.

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