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Definition of Superfine Powder

Different Powder Making Machine can produce Powder with different size. let's see the Definition of Superfine Powder in this article.

Because of diffferent use and preparation method, Superfine Powder is divided by different wanys.
At present, more recognized and reasonable division way is:
(1) fine powder - particle size: 10-45um;
(2) micro fine powder - particle size: 1-10um;
(3) sub-micron powder - particle size: 0.1-1um;
(4) nano-powder - particle size: 0.1-1um;

Ultra-fine powder technology is a new discipline developed in the mid-1970s. Ii is used in almost all sectors of the national economy. It is the basis of improving development of Paint and coatings, information recording media, fine ceramics, electronics, new materials and biotechnology and other emerging industries, and it is the starting point of modern high-tech.

However, for a particular ultra-fine powder, only the above classification is not accurate enough. In general, the particle size distribution of the ultrafine powder is normal distribution.

For example: a kind of ultra-fine powder, of which 70% is less than 1um. It is sub-micron powder. And 30% is greater than 1um, which belongs to micro powder. How to determine the powder is micro fine powder or sub-micron powder?

From the application point, use volume fraction of D95 or D97 particle size, even D50 particle size, mke it less than a certain value to define micro fine powder, sub-micron powder or nano-powder.

In order to facilitate the narrative, in metal or non-metallic mineral processing, it is generally believed that powder with particle size D97≤10um is ultra-fine powder.

I believe that this articel can be helpful for your understand of different fine powder. If you are intrested in Micro Fine Powder Mill, please connect with us.

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