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Raw mill in cement plant

Cement is mixed by ground clinker and gypsum. This kind of cement also called Portland cement. Cement raw materials are mixed by ground limestone, ground clay, and ground iron ore powder in proportion, the mixture is called raw material. Then the mixed raw material is calcined in temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius, the calcination product called clinker.

The cement generally divided into ordinary portland cement, mixed with Portland cement and special cement mixed material. Portland cement mixed with mixed material is ordinary portland cement ratio and a machining program by adding other substances to achieve special effects, such as slag cement, pozzolana cement, fly ash cement, composite portland cement and so on. Cement raw materials than the original ordinary portland cement to be more active mixed material or non-active hybrid materials. Special cement material stage and the production process is somewhat different, such as high alumina cement (aluminate cement)'s, material bauxite, limestone, clinker, and then pulverized calcined aluminate cement.
There needs to use a series of coarse crushing and fine crushing equipment in cement processing.

And order to obtain high-quality cement, advanced raw mill is increasingly needed. What kind of cement has high-quality? The higher the degree of fineness, the stronger the performance of the cement is high quality cement. HGM and YGM series superfine and fine raw mill can be your best choices.
Details about HGM series superfine raw mill and YGM series fine raw mill, please click the links above.

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