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Temperature increasing on testing Grinding mill

Grinding mill is mainly used in processing mining material. The applications of grinding mill have many pacts. After installation of grinding mill, it’s time to test grinding mill. During this time, the mineral have some confliction with grinding mill, the temperature will increase. It’s no problem for the normal temperate. The high temperature of grinding mill is also disturbed us. In order to remove clients’ considerations, we will make a detailed answer for the grinding mill using.

Before turning on grinding mill, client should keep grinding mill unloaded. The grinding roller should be wrapped by the Mesh wire rope in order to avoid confliction between grinding roller and grinding ring. One hour later after opening grinding mill, check the oil in the grinding mill should be no more than 80℃. Induced draft fan should be operated on unload condition. When it works well, the grinding mill can load, then observe grinding mill work steadily without any abnormal noisy and vibration. The highest temperature of rollingbearing should be no more than 70℃, The increasing temperature should be no more than 35℃. Once the temperature is over this limits, grinding mill should be stoped and checked.

On the other hand, the relationship between grinding mill operating and lubricating should be paid attention to. In the whole China, many enterprise still lack of acknowledge about lubricating. Above 60% problems are caused by oil and its improper maintenance. Besides, lubrication, mechanical and sealing is trinity, inseparable. The better lubrication, if the grinding mill seal is bad, you still could not keep the grinding mill working well.

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