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The operation and maintenance of grinding mill

To grinding mill running high rate of grinding effect, and must be in strict compliance with the operating and maintenance procedures. Starting in the grinding mill, should check whether the bolt tightening; gears, coupling, etc., as well as the keys to the mine for the first spoon-tight situation.
Check the oil tank and reducer, the adequacy of the lubricating device and instrumentation whether illnesses, and pipelines is clear. Machine equipment inspection and grinding mill around there impede functioning of the debris, and then the cable car was used to Machine week, the grinding could be loose tube and ores, and to inspect the pinion gear meshing with the situation, whether abnormal sound. The start order is first launching the grinding mill lubricant pump, when the hydraulic reach 1.5 to 2.0 kg / cm 2, only allowed grinding mill and then start grading machine. And all are in normal operation, can begin to draw mine. In the running process, we should always pay attention to bearing temperature should not exceed 50 ~ 65 ℃. Attention to the regular motor, voltage, current, temperature, sound, and so on. Attention to the lubrication system at any time, the oil tank should not exceed 35 ~ 40 ℃, to tubing pressure should be maintained at 1.5 to 2.0 kg/cm 2. Gear check size, the main bearings, the reducer-grade components, such as transmission lubrication, and after observing Machine Cover, Simplified, Pai ore bins overflow tank and machine classification back to the trough of sand plug leakage and sand. Regular attention to the changing nature of ore, according to the situation and take appropriate and timely measures.
Stop Machine, the first stop of mining machinery, to be simplified after the ore processing, grinding mill motor to stop, the last stop pumps. Classifier with the upgrading of the screw device made of sand, and then stop grinding mill.

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