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What parts does the grinding mill have?

The whole set of micro powder grinding mill consists of :Hammer crusher , Bucket elevator ,Storage hopper , Vibrating feeder,Air compressor ,Air blower,Main unit ,Inverter classifier ,Powder collector , Dust collector ,Electrical control systems.

How does the parts of micro powder grinding mill work?
Hammer crusher : Crush the big materials into smaller ones.
Bucket elevator : Send smaller ones to the hopper.
Vibrating feeder : Send materials to the upper distribution of the turn plate (one part of main unit)  
Main unit : When it works, numbers of rollers are moving in the ring, and the centrifugal force will force them to the edge of the turn plate and fall down.
Air compressor:  Inhale air from outside and bring the powder in the main unit to the classifier
Classifier :The rotating impeller inside it will make the unqualified powder go back and grind again. Meanwhile, the right ones will enter powder collector along the air.
Finally, the powder will come out from the discharge valve of powder collector

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