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The installation of micro powder grinding mill

The quality of grinding mill installation quality, the ability of grinding mill is the key to normal work. Various types of grinding mill installation method and sequence of roughly the same. To ensure the smooth functioning of grinding mill and reducing the harm to the buildings, it must be installed on the weight of its 2.5 to 3 times the reinforced concrete foundation. It Should be based on a solid play in the soil, and plant and the basis of at least 40 ~ 50 mm distance.
Grinding mill installation at the outset of the main bearings should be installed. In order to avoid aggravating the shoulder of the hollow crankshaft bearings and lining wear, the two main bearing plate on the base of the elevation difference in the per metre length should not be more than 0.25 mm. Secondly, the installation of the grinding mill shell of the light of the specific conditions, can be assembled in advance of the whole Simplified loaded directly, but also can be divided into several parts to install, and should check with the adjustment of the crankshaft centerline and grinding mill, the error must ensure that concerted in length, each should be less than 0.25 mm. Finally install the transmission components (Pinion, uranium, coupling, reducer, motor, etc.). During the installation process, product technical standards should be measured and adjusted. Gear inspect of the radial facing poor and small gear meshing performance of the gear reducer and small concentricity, and the motor and reducer concentricity. When fully installed with all requirements before they can conduct basic bolt main bearing floor and the last watering.

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