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The grinding mill depth processing nepheline

The nepheline is a sort of silicates comprising aluminum and sodium. Colorless or white, sometimes gray, green or red. Shiny glass fracture was fat gloss. It is available to the aluminum, the manufacture of glass and pottery. In Norway, Sweden, Russia's Kola Peninsula and Ilmen Hill, Kenya and Romania are known as origin. The grinding mill grinding nepheline powder mainly used for the glass and ceramics industry, but also can be used as a raw material of the refined aluminum.
Nepheline can not only reduce the worries of radioactive, can also reduce the firing temperature to improve the texture of glazed tiles. Adding an appropriate amount in the polished inner Xia powder, can improve the strength of the tiles of the lower friability, thereby reducing the calcination, polishing, the breakage due to mechanical forces caused during transport. The market there is a high purity Xia powder raw materials, found after use: the nepheline can play the role of the tiles whitening and no radioactive excessive, and to bring the gospel to the production of ultra-white ceramic.
These nepheline application must go through the ultrafine grinding mill before being rational application, the nepheline grinding mill yield and fineness can reach the needs of users, the market's future is very large, only in accordance with the correct operation of the technical staff to nepheline grinding mill,it can play better.

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