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Several important factors to affect the production of gridin

In the working process of grinding mill, the grinding mill is often vulnerable because some non-essential factors affect the main machine production, then what causes these problems and how to solve these problems.
1,Power differences. Electric or diesel power and speed with the contradictions of the grinding mill agree combinations, to play a larger role in the normal work continuously to improve the crushing production. 2,Raw water content of the same raw materials, with different moisture contents, crushed, yield differential, high water content of some materials, crushed difficult, so in order to improve the crushing production, control the moisture content of materials is necessary grinding mill sieve baskets cloth aperture with an effective open area, according to the the grinding fineness size of an effective combination of productivity, using a larger aperture sieve and drop cloth, can smash yield and production efficiency, increase product size is uniformity of .3. body active part and the passive portion combined gap, hammer grinding mill machine refers to the gap between the hammer or hammer sheet sieve, high yield, large machines slit of the rotor diameter is slightly larger, and vice versa should be small; tooth claw grinding mill is transferred from disk chainring bite extent these gaps exist and adjust crushing production can not be ignored. 4 the reasonableness of the ancillary equipment. feeding of the mill upgrade, suction feed, start protection, cooling dust and other aspects of reasonably effective with some degree on restricting crushing production, improve grinding mill efficiency, multi-function hammer cooled mill is the fundamental solution to the problems of the working temperature of the mill and the life of the internal parts.
Summary the reasons that affect the production of the grinding mill, making the use of the grinding mill have a deeper understanding, not only can improve the efficiency of the grinding mill's production, but also can save costs and create more economic benefits.

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