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What areas are the grinding mill applied in?

The grinding mill is a common models machine in the modern industrial production. Since the grinding mill has many technical advantages such as small footprint, low investment cost, simple structure, reliable operation, loved by the majority of users. At present, grinding Mill is mainly used for coal powder processing of large-scale coal enterprises, and the actual range applications of grinding Mill is far beyond this range, it can process not higher than 9.3 on the hardness of most non-metallic ore material ,having a wider range of applications.
The grinding mill is part of a roller mill, the basic principle is to be ground material is placed between the roller and the grinding disc, the use of spring force, fluid pressure, such as mechanical force or the centrifugal force generated by the rotation, RCC crushing, the material bed extrusion crushing principle grinding equipment than by shearing, the impact grinding equipment has high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, small abrasion characteristics.
Today, many large-scale coal enterprises chose grinding mill for the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection. Advanced grinding mill to help users save more coal resources, can also help factories solid waste processing, can be described as killing two birds with one stone. With fewer and fewer coal resources, and social development of coal demand has continued to rise, the economical use of coal has become particularly important, I believe that the grinding mill can change this situation, playing an important role on the road to sustainable development of the coal resources.

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