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How grinding mill adjust the powder fineness?

Analysis machine in grinding mill is an important components, its main role is to separated  qualified materials and substandard materials, qualified products were separated from the body and substandard products continue grinding in the grinding mill room.It Played a crucial role in the production process of the grinding mill .fineness adjustment for the purpose can be achieved by adjusting the speed of the Analytical Engine. The impeller speed of Analysis machine the faster, the smaller of the finished particles;the slower speed of the impeller, the greater of the finished particles. We can adjuste the grinding mill analysis impeller speed in two ways.
The grinding mill Analysis machine speed adjustment button and electromagnetic analysis machine control cabinet,when the analysis of the machine starts to work, the staff first open the the analysis machine adjustment button, roughly control the rotational speed of the impeller, and then turn electromagnetic slip adjustment button analysis impeller accurate speed, adjusted to the required fineness of materials to ensure that the final product to meet customer requirements.
In the analysis of the machine wind speed adjustment process must be carried out slowly and adjusted within reasonable limits, if the wind speed adjustments and changes too much,the General Assembly of the grinding mill may affected greatly.

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