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What causes the grinding mill fan vibration

The micro powder grinding mill is contemporary popular grinding equipment, it mainly used  for processing barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin cement, phosphate rock, gypsum and other ore. The micro powder grinding mill final fineness can reached up to 3000 mesh that greatly enhance the value of the powder market. General grinding mill are wind row powder, which is to take advantage of the wind generated by the fan directly qualified materials from the body and to the grinding chamber circulating air the full cycle of the material in the grinding room, grinding more fully. However, in the use of grinding mill process prone may appear the phenomenon of abnormal vibration of the fan. What causes the grinding mill fan vibration?
1,The rotating blades of the fan due to the prolonged disrepair impeller blades wear very serious blade impeller caused by dust or foreign objects on the sticky static balance can not be achieved, the fan caused the overall normal vibration. 2 fans installed foundation is not flat or the foot connecting bolts loose, no plus shock pad to eliminate vibration, shock phenomenon exacerbated fan device in the the mutual cloud automatically parts. Fan axis and motor axis in the functioning of the work of different heart, leading to coupling bend vibrate. 4. The fan impeller body friction or fan out of the trachea installation failed can lead to abnormal vibration fan.
No matter Which causes the problem, if it is found the grinding mill fan abnormal vibration, we should immediately shut down for maintenance, detect vibration causes, timely exclude, to ensure that the grinding mill can be a safe, fast and efficient production.

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