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What should we do when the production of grinding mill decli

Recently, there are many customers consulting some technical problems on grinding mill, the mainly problem is how to do when the production of grinding mill decline? Clirik engineers will give you a detailed answer the following.
There are many factors affect the yield and fineness of grinding mill which is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
1. Material hardness. Material the higher the hardness the harder to grinding, the slower of milling speed, this will cause a serious impact on the yield and fineness of the grinding mill.It also may cause damage to the parts, grinding materials do not exceed the range of grinding mill bear, so as not to affect the normal working of the grinding mill.

2 material humidity. Too moist material is not conducive to the grinding mill, and ground into a powder also has a certain adhesion that will be easily clogged in the transportation process of the next expected, influence the production of grinding mill.

3. Material viscosity. Some materials such as clay have a certain viscosity, it is easy to adhere to the grinding roller and the liner in the milling process, resulting in the decline in the production capacity of the grinding mill.

4. Feed impurities. Materials which contain can not grinding impurities will cause the mill into a decline in production capacity, such as material which contains too much fine powder is the best in the pre-production first go over the screen.

5. Wearing parts damaged. The grinding ring and grinding roller blade once serious wear and tear will severely affect the product yield and fineness. If these components badly worn,it should be replaced in a timely manner.

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