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Micro powder grinding mill have safeguard measures - clirik

The most important thing in the production process in the factory is the security problem. If the operating workers when using the mechanical exists safety hazard, there will be a threat to the lives and safety of the operating personnel. How the micro powder grinding mill to protect the safety of operating workers?
First, in the process of powder production,it is likely to cause splashing of the stones. Machine grinding process due to the high-speed rotation of the stones in the mill rotor driven, result in the stones easy splash in the feed opening,which is likely to cause injury to personnel.Micro powder grinding mill design equipped with noise reduction room, Micro powder grinding mill can be completely closed environment, reduce gravel splash dangerous.
Second, large machinery and equipment is generally used high-voltage, workers once accidentally easily cause a risk of electric shock. The Micro powder grinding mill all the start parts completely centralized cabinet handle, to ensure the operation safety of workers.
Again, a lot of workers for a long time in the presence of dust pollution factory work easily suffer from lung disease in a long time, and also there is a serious noise pollution, and cause great harm to the operating workers' physical and mental. The Micro powder grinding mill equipped with a unique dust noise reduction measures, to create a comfortable working environment to the workers.
The Micro powder grinding mill on Shanghai clirik Machinery Co. Ltd is a new safety and environmental protection grinding machine, all grinding equipment has security alarm measures and dust noise reduction measures to ensure that users can safely produce.

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