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The current situation of China mill industry

Although China's ore grinding machine manufacturing industry has entered the ranks of the international producing countries, but the overall competitiveness and development potential still can’ t compete with the developed countries. Now domestic high-end equipment and the basic components of export products rely mainly on import. The increased friction is bound to be subject to foreign competitors and suppliers. Thus, grinding machine will become important equipment for the future development of power plants, cement, mining and other important economic pillar of enterprises.
At present, grinding machine manufacturing industry has a wide range of markets, including various industries such as chemical, mining, metallurgy, coal industry and power plant desulfurization. In China the most important application areas are the cement industry, power plant desulfurization and mines. The grinding machine used in these industries account for about 30% each in the whole industry.
With the development of technology, the annual replacements for desulfurization mill in the power plants are about 20% of total demand. In 2004, China's GDP grew by over 9%. The development of road construction, cement industry, electricity and other infrastructure, coupled with the western development are bound to promote mill industry growth.
In addition, in recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, the State strongly calls for environmental protection and natural protection. But the desulfurization in power plant is one of the damage to the environment. How to change this situation, need we joint effort.

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