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Micro Powder grinding mill specializes in processing illite

Illite as a nonmetal mines, mainly distributed in China's Sichuan, Jilin, Henan and other provinces, the first of which is Henan Pingdingshan Erie quarry reserves in the country. Illite by grinding machine can be used as a ceramic material, rubber packing, plastic packing, agriculture, fillers and other purposes. Illite is often broken to a certain fineness using a grinding machine to 200-1250 mesh. The common mesh fineness is 200-325,500-600,1250 , it is widely used in building materials, chemicals, ceramics, environmental protection and other industries.
The process of Clirik Illite stone grinding machine is very easy, first of all, mined ore primary crushing, screening broken to the appropriate degree of impurity, and then began grinding, grinding fineness they start packaging procedure, the entire process operation is simple and safe, complete package of equipment configuration, including broken machines, elevator machine, milling machine host, muffler, analysis, powder collector, this device is equipped with a large dust collector equipment, dust removal fully meet the national environmental standards, the environment is not causing any pollution, welcome to come to consult more about our grinding machine,Clirik all the staff is ready to welcome you soon!

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