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Micro Powder grinding Mill processed asbestos tailings

There are a mass of asbestos ore in Our country.But the vast majority of asbestos ore has not been fully utilized, especially asbestos tailings and there are a lot of useful material wasted away. After some research found that by crushing grinding mill tailings re-election can get superfine magnesium hydroxide, ultrafine silica, iron hydroxide, lightweight building materials, such as high-quality products. Asbestos tailings mainly serpentinite first of all requires the use of a large grinding equipment crushing processing, and then pulverized asbestos tailings recovery can be drawn, magnesium hydroxide, silica, iron hydroxide, lightweight building materials. The grinding mill has brought a new impetus for regional economic development. Asbestos and the development and utilization of space is more and more spacious, corresponding the grinding mill technical level requirements are also getting higher and higher.
Clirik Micro Powder grinding Mill though only play a part in this process role, but resolved  asbestos milling problems structured step of selection, to achieve the end of the local asbestos depth development and utilization of mine, brought new impetus to local economic development.

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