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Raymond mill need to do rust treatment before storing

In the summer,the temperature is very high and a lot of equipment had to stop work,so does Raymond . how to store Raymond in summer ? Clirik engineers think anti-rust treatment can not be ignored  before storing during the downtime.
First, do a good job cleaning maintenance antirust obligations before storing. Storage time division should choose the appropriate local, Popular are parked in a monotonous room. Indoor emissions to be smooth, uniform, independently of each other. If you can not find a monotonous indoors, stay in the outdoors, we should choose the flat ground above covered with wood park. The remaining mechanical fuel sparingly, if the speed is weakened, the operating lever is in the neutral position.
Secondly, during the shutdown, the custody of the equipment also can not neglect, during the downtime started once a month as much as possible, to prevent rust to avoid not use. Carefully is parked during must remove the battery, so the battery in monotonous clean condition, placed in a monotonous at. Use time division, in accordance with the installation, the positive and negative lines one by one to go join, to prevent the occurrence of short circuit. The assumption is that the lead-acid battery should be charged once a month.

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