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The different production process between Grading machine and

Classifier is often used with the equipment and milling equipment, play an important role of the different degrees in different milling production line, Clirik engineers detailed description Raymond vertical mill milling equipment and grading machine production following.
(1) Raymond Mill + grading machine process
 Raymond is a compacted crushed motor driven roller, put pressure on the material pressed against each other in the low-speed state to the centrifugal force, friction and shear pulverization, accompanied by intermittent The impact crushed role. Production of less than 400 mesh products, in terms of investment or terms of energy consumption, Raymond has a lot of advantages.
(2) dry mixing mill + grading machine process
Dry stirred mill, also known as stirred ball mill grinding body as a vertical cylinder, the middle of the agitator shaft, driven by the materials and medium rotation grinding high grinding efficiency, and supporting the use of the classifier, more suitable for the more than 1250 head the production of ultrafine TSP; especially simple TSP product in the production of more than 2500 mesh, which is a very worthwhile process recommended.
(3) vibration mill + grading machine process
Vibration mill is the use of high-frequency vibration between the grinding media and the materials have a strong impact and abrasive, thereby pulverizing material, the high grinding efficiency of a vibration mill, a higher fines content in the milling body, is more suitable for polishing the production of more than 1250 mesh products.
(4) vertical milling machine + grading machine process
Vertical roller mill (vertical mill), similar to the grinding mechanism and Raymond are the compacted crushed, due to pressure from grinding roller is the use of high-pressure hydraulic materials, roller compacted pressure increases a few times and even its grinding efficiency is far better than Raymond. currently is one of the large-scale production of TSP mainstream equipment.

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