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Grinding equipment brands need to stand up to the market hon

Experts believe that now our grinding equipment industry is still in the stage of low-level competition, in the current market situation, the domestic and foreign enterprises, intangible assets, in addition to competition in terms of product quality, reliability, service contest ,has also been in another As invisible on the battlefield. The grinding equipment brand only stand up to the market hone to enjoy a high reputation in the user's mind.
Ten year development of the the grinding equipment industry in China, better quantitative accumulation capacity of preparation, to grow stronger across, laid a solid foundation for the next step to achieve a qualitative change to complete. But experts said that China though mechanical manufacturing country, but not strong. Weak capability of independent innovation, investment, slow development of key parts and technology; market less competitive, advanced technology and high-end equipment import-dependent passive situation can not be effectively changed; industry grew by a more extensive way.
Experts stressed, the grinding equipment competition in the future will focus on the comprehensive ability to enhance product quality, brand, sales channels, after-sales service, as well as supporting capacity. Leading enterprises have unique advantages in capital, technology research and development, product diversification and globalization strategy layout, the fierce competition final Hengqiang.

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