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Vibration grinding equipmentare popular with users

Vibrating grinding equipmentis an efficient grinding equipment, which is carried by the ball on the material in the high-frequency vibration impact, grinding to achieve pulverization purpose. Generally use multiple machines and to improve the efficiency of the grinding equipment.
Some small businesses, start-up factories funding shortages. They are in accordance with the principle of the structure vibration mill design small vibration grinding equipment their own. Coal material from the upper coal bunker control of the upper part of the ram and the lower part of the hose and vibration grinding mill cylinder, connected coal material in the grinding barrel still reach the size requirements after preliminary crushing, grinding by the lower discharge port the material flow into the following tube, so that the material further milling. The lower mill barrel side by side, two at the same time milling and eventually reach the pulverized coal fineness requirements outflow by lower grinding barrel, homemade vibration mill after the actual use of the activated carbon plant in some small, the effect is very good, because it has a small investment, easy to maintain, populared by users. Its drawback is the noise, dust and small production.

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