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The grinding equipment major gaps is in the key parts

Some customers often complained that, compared to the domestic milling equipment, imported equipment and foreign, "buy cheap with expensive",in fact their main problem mainly concentrated in key parts of parts and components, as well as part of the loss of goods above, such as daily plus oil.
Insiders pointed out that the gap between Chinese domestic grinding equipment with similar foreign products, grinding equipment industry must intensify the supervision of the industry, comprehensive planning, and guide toward efficient grinding equipment in China, low power consumption, post-maintenance recommendations convenient and other aspects of development. Grinding equipment on the market to increase the quality of supervision, to avoid corrupt individual enterprises in the eyes of the customer's impression of the entire industry products.
Mine grinding equipment industry from the start has experienced rapid development to slowly forward to large-scale equipment, technical improvements in areas such as high-tech stage, had a lot of twists and turns and tribulations facing more challenges and opportunities. Although our grinding equipment industry is now becoming more and more mature, many mill production companies have self-grinding equipment brands.
However, the internal capability of independent innovation is still need to improve parts of the key parts, special bearings need to be imported from abroad, which also greatly increase our production costs, reduce the price advantage. It can be said that these factors have seriously restricted the development of the our grinding equipment industry, and industry to develop.
Have to say that the domestic grinding equipment industry is booming, foreign manufacturers did make exceptionally jealous, how to maintain a good momentum of development of the domestic milling equipment, how to break the foreign monopoly of the key components of the milling equipment, are mill production enterprises must be considered and faced problems.

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