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High pressure mill is the most suitable for Shale processing

Shale is a sedimentary rock,it is mainly formed by the clay deposited under the pressure and temperature of rock, and mixed with the debris of quartz, feldspar and other chemicals.Clirik  professional production of High Pressure Mill makes ceramsite in the construction industry very broad,it can do insulation bricklaying, the porous wall panels and hollow insulation beam slot board.
1,A non-load-bearing porous insulation block. Produced according to design requirements, and can be used as the filling frame design wall materials use, suitable for high-rise buildings.
2, lightweight concrete load-bearing porous insulation block. Construction enterprises design requirements, do non-frame structure design wall materials, product characteristics in addition to insulation, energy-efficient performance, and also has a high strength, load-bearing characteristics suitable for multi-storey buildings (within 8 layers ).
3, porous interior wall panels. Specifications: width 30cm, 60cm; thickness 6cm-12cm; length for any length. As the building interior wall panels, construction speed, noise, thermal insulation, and low cost, suitable for a variety of structures housing construction.
4, the hollow beam slot insulation board. Produced according to design requirements, to solve the problem of the concrete ring beam heat transfer coefficient in the multi-storey or high-rise buildings, poor insulation properties, applicable to a variety of structures housing construction.

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