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The applications of wollastonite Micropowder

Ultrafine particulate matter due to the improvement of the milling equipment to obtain potential new uses are being found increasingly widespread use of wollastonite. Foreign experts predict that in the future the wollastonite applications proportion as follows: 6% of the ceramic industry and the relevant departments; paper production by 40%.
Paper grade wollastonite
After special processing technology to maintain its unique needle-like structure, so that the added silicon gray powder white paper, to improve its whiteness, opacity (surface layer opacity), flatness, smoothness, adaptability, reduce deformation the quantitative the transverse differential and cardboard wet, to improve printability, and a significant reduction in the use of a variety of other raw materials, reduce the overall cost of paper products.
Ceramic grade wollastonite
Adding an appropriate amount of wollastonite in ceramic raw materials, a significant reduction in the firing temperature, shorten the firing time, low-temperature fast firing once. A large number of fuel savings, and significantly reduce product cost; while improving the mechanical properties of the product, reduce cracks and warping of the product, increase the gloss of glazed, improve the strength of the embryoid bodies, and to improve the pass rate of products.
China Wollastonite is the most resource-rich countries in the world. Wollastonite geological prospecting work started late, but since 1975, the past 20 years has made great progress in more than 100 mineral deposits found in 17 provinces, autonomous regions, it is estimated that nearly 200 million tons of resources. Therefore, the reasonable development wollastonite information is a long and arduous work.

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