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Clirik grinding machining is most suitable for magnesite

Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral, it is the main source of magnesium. A solution containing magnesium after acting on calcite, make calcite into magnesite and magnesite also belong calcite family. Magnesium-rich rocks will change into magnesite. Magnesite often contains iron, which is the result of iron or manganese is replaced by magnesium. Magnesite white or off-white, shiny glass, The magnesite iron showing a yellow to brown. Showing the crystal is granular, if you do not show the crystal is massive. Magnesite industrial applications mainly used as refractory materials, building materials, chemical raw materials and extraction of magnesium metal and magnesium compounds.
Clirik ultrafine grinding machine, with high efficiency and low consumption, long service life of wearing parts, high security and reliability, product fineness, fineness wide range of adjustment, can be adjusted between 325 - 2500 mesh , Intelligent advanced frequency control set advantage. Processing magnesite election Clirik grinding machine. Hotline 021 - 20236178

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