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How Ultrafine grinding machine milling - Clirik

Ultrafine grinding machine is developed on the basis of ordinary grinding machine, how ultra-fine grinding machine to reach a pulverizing, Rick Clirik expert analysis for you:
The type of grinding machine composed of ultra-fine grinding machines and other types of essentially similar, it is that on the basis of further innovation, amended. In general mainly by the host, blowers, ultra-fine analysis machine, finished cyclone collector, bag filter and join duct pipes, users need to be equipped helicopter, storage silos, control cabinet electromagnetic to powder, crusher and other auxiliary equipment. In grinding indoor roller assembly through the cross arm shaft hanging roller suspender, roll grinding hanger with the spindle and blade knife fixed connection, pressure spring tension rod tightly pressure in roller shaft room the cantilever on the outer end of the cross arm shaft as a fulcrum, so by spring pressure grinding roll tightly pressure in the circle on the surface of the grinding ring, when the motor through the drive mounted blade knife blade and roller synchronous rotation, grinding roller the round rolling mill ring around its own axis of rotation and revolution, analysis machine impeller rotary motor gear driven analysis, analysis pulverizing machine adjust the level of the speed to reach the purpose.
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