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The industrial uses of Nepheline powder

Nepheline is containing aluminum and sodium silicate. Colorless or white, sometimes gray, green or red. Available to the aluminum smelting, the manufacture of glass and pottery. Milling equipment for grinding processing, control the fineness of the finished product used in related fields.
Currently, there is a high purity Xia powder raw materials in the market, people found that after use, the nepheline can play the role of the tile whitening, and no radioactive excessive brought the gospel to the production of ultra-white ceramic.
Nepheline unique role in the sanitary ware adobe: the drying cycle of the traditional sanitary ware, firing a long cycle, high firing temperature. Nepheline's can increase the proportion and flow of the slurry, to speed up the gypsum absorption of moisture, and water efflux, and improve the very nature of the green body, nepheline reduce sanitary ware firing temperature, firing cycle of porcelain body the transparency also have a unique role.

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