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A comprehensive exposition of the vibrating feeder of ultraf

Clirik machine engineer specific comprehensive explanation of Vibrating Feeder for your:

The first is how the safe operation of electromagnetic vibrating feeder, point vibration machine installation screws role in positioning the fork release (about three), loosen the nut tighten, open the back cover of the electric vibration, check the core and the armature gap should be 1.8 to 2.1 mm, and both screen line cleaning. The screws should be strong, the final will cover mounted on the fixed. Then the power load test, automatic feed adjustment through changes in the main current.
Automatically to the material at the beginning, the control cabinet door master switch to the automatic position. Gradual increase in the potentiometer R1 knob on the control box, so that currents up to rated and stable sliding arm, adjust the current relay rated current by the host to change the relay current increases, the normally closed contact is open immediately closed when the current is slightly decreased, so that the mill is always in top working condition and will not cause an empty mill or overload, to ensure that the host milling efficiency.

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