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Calcite after grinding used in medicine

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common natural calcium carbonate. Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. Calcite mill after five applications in paper, plastic, rubber, cable, paint and coatings very wide range of calcite by the mill after grinding of heavy calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate powder used in medicine has very wide range of applications, processing fineness of 300 mesh, 400 mesh, 500 mesh, 700 mesh and add the right amount of heavy calcium carbonate in the drug into the treatment of osteoporosis, the prevention of atherosclerosis, memory loss eliminate odors, moisture can filter the air smell, is the famous "aromatic master. Be used to improve the odor in the environment, energy. The original stone placed in the car, kitchen, toilets, cabinets and other odor at. In addition to the flavor experts.
Calcite in a wide range of applications need the assistance of the mill equipment, Clirik professional production of calcite powder mill is the best choice, Clirik  professional calcite mill equipment, processing fineness be adjusted between 30 mesh -3000 mesh, whether you produce 300 mesh, 400 mesh powder of 500 mesh or 700, Clirik calcite milling equipment can meet your requirements, please consult more on Clirik calcite details of milling equipment, hotline 021-20236178

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