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Grinding machine industry change the growth mode

There is lack of supporting high-tech, high-precision, high-quality products, product performance, stability and reliability, short life, surface roughness, and unsightly disadvantages in China’s Grinding machine industry. From the research point of view Product development  basically stay in the testing phase, self-development capability is not strong, less investment in research funding accounts for only 1% of sales, while developed countries as much as 8 percent to 10 percent.

Therefore, changing the growth mode for the Chinese grinder industry is imminent. How to further enhance the overall strength of the grinding machinery industry in China, to participate in the competition to the international trend to catch up with international standards, the industry believes that the three way out there:
First of all, to nurture and develop high-end equipment manufacturing to create the famous brand is the necessity way to bigger and stronger grinding machinery industry. Strengthen the core and key technologies research and development, breaking the weak link of the key product areas, to create the necessary conditions to seize the future industrial development, high ground, to maintain the sustainable development bigger and stronger.
Second, improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development is an inherent requirement of the transformation of economic development. At present, China's export volume of grinding mechanical are also very small, indicating that a considerable part is still in by simple processing and low-end industries rely on cheap labor efficiency, the way to go is still long. But the extensive mode of economic growth, products low profit level, coupled with rising prices, the relative shortage of energy, environmental protection requirements of multiple pressures, the gradual weakening of product original comparative advantage, comparative disadvantage has become increasingly prominent.
A new round of industrial competitiveness, security and development prospects of the grinding machinery industry is not optimistic. Therefore, to increase the transfer structure, transfer mode, on the level of efforts to accelerate the upgrading of product quality and efficiency,pay attention to the path of development of product innovation is imperative is an urgent events.

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