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Processing coal gangue first elect Clirik Ultra-fine grindin

The gangue is the solid waste from the mining process and coal washing process ,it is a coal-forming process associated with the coal seam as a lower carbon content than the hard coal of black and gray rock. Gangue abandoned and occupied large tracts of land. Gangue sulfide escape or leaching will pollute the atmosphere, farmland and water bodies. The waste dump will be spontaneous combustion fire or collapse during the rainy season, the blockage of the river caused by the disaster. With the continuous deepening of economic reform and the healthy and rapid development of China's industrial and agricultural, in the increasingly scarce energy, mining machinery and equipment companies increasingly focused on the development and production of efficient, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, in the mining machinery manufacturing life, low energy consumption and reduce the weight of the design principles at the same time, mining machinery and equipment companies also increasingly starting to focus on secondary development and utilization of mine waste and other resources.

For the choice of the gangue mill ,Clirik Pointed out that good choice of milling equipment are critical. "In the field of production equipment, the domestic well-known mining machinery crusher, mill R & D and manufacturer of Section Clirik more than 20 years of production experience, computer technology, network technology and the integration of multi-disciplinary support for the economic construction, driven by market needs, in the harmonious development of man and nature, and walked steady pace, and continue to the direction of digital, intelligent, ecological and amenity.

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