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Clirik ultra-fine milling machine solve the deep use of illi

Illite is a common clay mineral, often by the muscovite from K-feldspar weathering, and produced in argillaceous rocks, or from other mineral corrosion . Pure illite clay was white, but often dyed yellow, green, brown and other colors due to impurities. Illite clay is the most widely distributed of a clay rock, not much common pure illite clay, often mixed with other clay minerals, polymictic claystone. If the composition is simple, the formation of illite clay minerals, illite clay (rock) outputs such as China, Sichuan, western Hubei, Hebei school pay and other places.

Illite mill, the Sichuan illite Raymond Mill elect Clirik machine,which is specializing in the production of milling equipment, illite processing milling purposes can be used as a ceramic material, rubber packing, plastic packing agricultural fillers and other purposes. Illite is often broken to a certain degree of fineness to be used to process milling, generally using a milling machine to between 200-1250 mesh. Common mesh range 200-325,500-600,1250 such as fineness, and widely used in the industry of building materials, chemicals, ceramics, environmental protection, and good development prospects. Clirik  Mill have efficient energy, environmentally clean, welcome to consult 021-20236178

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