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The development countermeasures of K-feldspar

K-feldspar is usually also known as orthoclase, usually in red meat, white or gray. Density 2.54-2.57g/cm3, specific gravity 2.56 2.59g/cm3 hardness of 6, the theoretical composition SiO2 64.7% Al2O3 18.4% of K2O 16.9%. It has a low melting point (1150 ± 20 ° C), melting of the long time interval, the melt viscosity and high, widely used for Ceramic Materials, ceramic glazes, glass, porcelain, abrasive materials and other industrial sectors and manufacturing potash. In the ceramic industry accounted for 30%, mainly used for glass, ceramics, can also be used for the preparation of potash, good quality of K-feldspar used in the manufacture of television imaging glass bulb.

Liaoning has a lot of resources, but K-feldspar processing technology and production quality of the development and use restrictions in some areas is not yet formed a scale of K-feldspar, manufacturing and mining. A proactive fiscal policy to expand domestic demand, glass, ceramic industry in the revitalization of the potash market, a serious shortage of K-feldspar development provides zero opportunity and a broad market.Clirik use the  advanced technology and equipment, to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and optimization, to increase the development of ultra-fine grinding and classification equipment is the first choice of K-feldspar development in Liaoning.

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