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Remind customers not to be cheated in buying grinding machin

This year because of domestic steel prices, enterprise cost increase, industry each company for grinding machine make a certain price adjustment, but part of the small businesses use the customer wants to buy cheap equipment of mental state  for a variety of cheating, Shanghai Clirik grinding machine company warns customer strengthen alert. Illegal enterprise general use of the cheating as follows:

1, equipment price. The department in a  company when negotiation equipment price with customers, regardless of cost price in fact, they often with a customer's psychological price for the standard, to sign the contract then they will usually in the client to pay thousands of deposit, and then pay 30% for bait in advance. Wait for customers after the photo, in violation of regulations, finding reason to increases price.
2, payment terms. In the fashion market ,there are many kinds of payment, here don't list, the customer need to keep in mind, there is no free lunch, enterprise for survival, be sure it is all of the shipment.

Above are only a small business department cheating, all kinds of still has a lot of, the customers to buy equipment ,credit quality of high old enterprise is best choice. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd, Serve for you with all sincerity!

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