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Consultation about micro powder grinding mills

Motor is a new kind of rotary electric machine, it will power into mechanical energy. Motor is the heart of the mechanical equipment, so which problems should pay attention to in the choice of motor? Now Clirik mill experts will analysis it for you in  details:

According to the mechanical load properties and production process on motor startup, braking, inversion, such as speed requirements, the choice of motor type, according to load torque and speed range and start frequency degree and so on request, consider the rise of temperature of the motor, overload ability and start limited torque, select the motor power, and determined the cooling ventilation mode. The selected motor power should be left surplus, load rate of 0.8-0.9 general take. Too much spare power will make motor efficiency reduced, for induction motor, the power factor will go bad, and make maximum torque according to the motor of the strength of production machinery cost; improve. According to the environmental conditions of use place such as the protection of the necessary to consider ways, according to the enterprise grid voltage standard check the power factor requirements, determine the motor voltage grade and type, according to production machinery with the highest speed and power transmission speed regulation system of the transition process of performance requirements, as well as mechanical slow down the complexity of the institution, the choice of motor rated speed.

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