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what machine to choose to make waste ceramic into powder?



Waste ceramic processed into power by clirik grinding machine can be recycling and reuse. Clirik grinding machine including Europe version thick powder grinding machine, HGM three-ring sihuan mill powder machine, YGM high pressure roller suspension grinding machine, we can process of different fineness ceramic powderand it can be choosed according to the application.

The most prominent advantages of oxide ceramic is that it’s no oxidation, raw material are cheap, simple production technology. Alumina and zirconium oxide with excellent mechanical properties of room temperature, high hardness and corrosive, main shortcoming is 1000 ℃high temperature creep in more variable speed rate is high, mechanical performance significantly reduced. Alumina and zirconium oxide mainly used in ceramic cutting tool, ceramic abrasive ball, GaoWenLu tube, sealing and glass melting pool lining, etc. Mullite room temperature strength is medium level, but it is in 1400 ℃can still keep the strength level, and high temperature creep variable speed rate is extremely low, and is therefore considered is the main candidate ceramic material one. The above three oxide also can be made into foam or fibrous used in high-temperature insulation materials. Titanium acid aluminum body there were extensive ceramic micro cracks of, thus it has very low thermal expansion coefficient and heat transfer rate. It is the main drawback of low intensity, and cannot separately as a mechanical components, so general it used as a heat preservation and heat processing lined with impact components, and has set up a file in the ceramic engine been applied.

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