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What result in the damage of Grinding equipment bearing


Grinding equipment in use process we often encounter bearing damage problem, as a replacement for new bearing is a very troublesome issue, so users want to try to reduce bearing damage, thus we through a lot of experience got about four reasons of grinding equipment bearing damage finally ,now to each case do specific analysis: to start with milling equipment installation, mechanical equipment installation early, because a lot of the original early are new products, in the installation,it is hard to avoid some problems, for the installation of the old workers,the solution can be solved smooth through the experience, but for a newcomer it is bad to said, bearing installation is the same, in the use of the hammer, novice won't use force appropriatly, but with the brute force direct striking the bearing, caused bearing deformation, and some are bearing installation does not reach the designated position, cause bearing oil gap is too small, inside and outside is not in uniform rotating central circle. Bad lubrication is one of the main reasons of premature damage caused by bearing, , the main reason including fails to refill lubricant or oil, lubricating oil lubricant or not charging in place, lubricant or improper selection lubricating oil, lubricating way not accurate, etc. Suggestion choice accurate lubricant or lubricating oil, use accurate lubrication charging ways. Pollution can also lead to premature bearing damage, the pollution is to point to have dust and metal scraps into bearing such as internal, fatigue damage is a mill bearing the damage of the common way, the exhaustion of the common causes of the destruction of may is bearing long-term overloaded operation, not maintenance timely, maintenance is undeserved, equipment aging, suggested choose appropriate bearing types of the change in time tired bearing crusher prices.

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