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Basalt Grinding Machine,Basalt powder grinding mill

Basalt is a common extrusive volcanic rock. It is usually grey to black and fine-grained due to rapid cooling of lava at the surface of a planet. It may be porphyritic containing larger crystals in a fine matrix, or vesicular, or frothy scoria. Unweathered basalt is black or grey.

Basalt Industrial Applications:
On Earth, most basalt magmas have formed by decompression melting of the mantle. Basalt has also formed on Earth's Moon, Mars, Venus, and even on the asteroid Vesta. Source rocks for the partial melts probably include both peridotite and pyroxenite (e.g., Sobolev et al., 2007). The crustal portions of oceanic tectonic plates are composed predominantly of basalt, produced from upwelling mantle below ocean ridges.
The term basalt is at times applied to shallow intrusive rocks with a composition typical of basalt, but rocks of this composition with a phaneritic (coarse) groundmass are generally referred to as diabase (also called dolerite) or gabbro. Basalt, is the production of "cast stone" good raw materials. "Cast" is the casting of basalt by melting, crystallization treatment, annealing from the material. Hard and wear-resistant than steel, corrosion resistant than lead and rubber. Basalt is also a kind of advanced technology in steel, act as a "lubricant" role, casting can extend life. Meanwhile, the basalt also can be pumped into the glass, anti-alkali glass fiber cloth than the average strength, high temperature performance.

Basalt Grinding Machine,Basalt powder grinding mill

Clirik Basalt grinding machine includes raymond mill, vertical mill, high pressure grinding machine,micro powder grinding machine. Different machines selection depends on the Basalt hardness, final products size etc. Our engineer could design special talc grinding machine with professional experience for our sincerely miners and clients.

Clriik Machinery offers HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill for Basalt powder grinding process, HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill constitutes employed for grinding talc into powder fewer than 0.044mm. The accomplished Basalt grinding plant includes jaw crusher, elevator, vibrating feeder, classifier, collector cloth deduster and high-pressure blower.

High pressure raymond grinding  mill can produce grains in the range of 60-1250 mesh(It can even reach to 2500 mesh).It is possible to produce 10-60 mesh powder through assembling special device in the machine.


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