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Vermiculite overview:

Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral, expands under high temperature minerals. It is a relatively rare mineral, is Portland. The crystal structure of the monoclinic system, from the shape it looks like mica. Vermiculite is a certain degree of hydration generated when the granite. It is usually produced with asbestos at the same time. Since vermiculite has ion exchange capacity, soil nutrients it has great effect. In 2000 the world total output of more than 500,000 tons of vermiculite. The main producing countries are China, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and the United States.
After expansion of the vermiculite wide range of uses, but its main purpose is still to make building materials. Consumption structure in the United States in 1986, as a mortar and
Pre-mixed clay lightweight concrete aggregate materials and the expansion of 52% Vermiculite; the United Kingdom as concrete, plastering mud and cement accounted for 40% of the coagulant.
Vermiculite application:
The main field should be used with the purpose
Construction: lightweight materials lightweight concrete aggregate (powder light wall, light mortar)
Heat-resistant materials, wall materials, fireproof board, fire mortar, bricks
Insulation, acoustic insulation materials, underground pipes, pipe insulation materials, greenhouse, indoor and tunnels built, the walls and ceilings of public places
Metallurgy: steel coating materials, iron, casting slag coated steel frame high-rise building materials, bulk vermiculite
Agriculture, forestry, garden: gardening golf course turf, seed preservatives, soil conditioning agents, wetting agents, plant growth agents, feed additives
Ocean fishing catch erbium
Other areas: sorbent, filter aid, the activity of chemicals and fertilizer carrier, sewage treatment, oil water adsorption, cigarette filters, explosive density regulator

Clirik Vermiculite grinding machine includes raymond mill, vertical mill, high pressure grinding machine,micro powder grinding machine. Different machines selection depends on the Vermiculite hardness, final products size etc. Our engineer could design special talc grinding machine with professional experience for our sincerely miners and clients.

Clriik Machinery offers HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill for Vermiculite powder grinding process, HGM series ultrafine powder grinding mill constitutes employed for grinding talc into powder fewer than 0.044mm. The accomplished Vermiculite grinding plant includes jaw crusher, elevator, vibrating feeder, classifier, collector cloth deduster and high-pressure blower.

High pressure raymond grinding  mill can produce grains in the range of 60-1250 mesh(It can even reach to 2500 mesh).It is possible to produce 10-60 mesh powder through assembling special device in the machine.


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