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The factors of affecting the output of raymond grinding mill

raymond grinding mill is a common industrial powder grinding machine, and the main factors of affecting raymond grinding mill’s yield have been listed here:

1.The hardness of the material. It is obviously that the harder of the material and the harder for milling of raymond grinding mill and the worse for raymond grinding mill. Also, if the raymond grinding mill get slow milling speed, its milling ability will drop down.

2.The humidity of materials. When the raymond grinding mill’s material is too wet for milling, the material is easily adhere to inner of raymond grinding mill and also easily conveying the course of the next block, resulting in reduced ability of Raymond powder mill.

3.The fineness of the output material. The finer material you want, the little ability of raymond grinding mill persent.

4.The composition of material. Fine milling material contained before milling is bad for raymond grinding mill. Because these fine powder have adhesion effects that easily block conveying. So we should process before starting of raymond grinding mill.

5.Material viscosity.

6.raymond grinding mill main part’s wear resistance. In our common sense, the ability of raymond grinding mill is up to the wear parts.


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