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Vertical Grinding mill Maintenance

Vertical grinding mill maintenance

Vertical grinding mills are used widely in cement industry, coal processing, petroleum coke grinding, blast-furnace slag industrial, etc. In order to extend the service life of Clirik vertical grinding mill, you should take care of the problems as follows.

1. Vertical grinding mill operators should master the structure, properties, and specifications, wear parts roles etc.

2. According to the instructions required the operators should mark the ministries lubrication requirements map lubrication, not the use of untreated waste oil, lubrication points to keep clean.

3. Note to check the departments bearing operating temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, and check for loose bolts ministries, with or without abnormal noise is uniform water supply to the mine, a seamless tube plasma phenomena, the electrical current, voltage is normal. Transmission part of the shield is intact.

4. Keep clear of the vertical grinding mill working environmental, in addition to the working parts, the remained wear parts should be ready to maintain in right way.

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