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Micro powder grinding mill user manual

The Grinding mill Rules

Prior to the powder grinding commences, find out if all of the maintenance doors are closed tightly and also the gap between jaw plates with the crusher match the particle sized the feeding material, and also the rotating speed with the classifier will probably be adjusted in conformity with the required fineness from the finished powder. Eventually, switch on the equipment in line with the sequence below:

1. Switch on the dustpan elevator;

2. Switch on the main jaw crusher;

3. Switch on the classifier following your hopper is fed with materials;

4. Switch on the blower (It boils down to no load. It is possible to load once the blower runs normally);

5. Switch on the key frame.

And immediately after that, turn on the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. Then the power grinding is started. The sequence of operation is outlined as follows: Start, elevator →crusher →classifier →blower →main frame →vibratory feeder.

5. To assure the development safety, the grinding mill should not be lubricated beneath the normal operation. If any kind from the machines generates abnormal noises, or perhaps the load is suddenly raised up, shut off the device immediately for checking and troubleshooting to avoid serious accidents. Before restarting the equipment, sign up for the remainder material first. Otherwise, the present will end up so strong concerning modify the startup operation.

Shut off the device within the following sequence:

1. Shut off the feeder and prevent feeding materials;

2. Switch off the primary frame in a single machine;

3. Shut off the blower after blowing off every one of the residual particles;

4. Switch off the classifier finally;

The succession of turning from the machine is outlined the following: Feeder →main frame →blower →classifier.

Note: The fabric is transported towards the hopper by a lift. Once the material inside the hopper reached a specific quantity, stop the crusher first and therefore the elevator. This operation depends upon the amount of the stored material.


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