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Jaw crusher lubrication system maintenance

Special feature of the jaw gyratory crusher is the specific shape of the feed opening, that is extended to at least one side. The feed opening is usually toothed, and together with the upper mantle it forms the primary crushing zone.

Further crushing of the roughly pre-crushed material happens within the lower part of the crushing chamber, in which the specified final grain size is produced. Jaw gyratory crushers are created to handle substantially bigger feed lumps compared to the comparable sized the gyratory crusher with the same cone diameter. Jaw gyratory crushers have higher crushing ratios along with a low tendency of getting clogged within the feed area as a result of bridging.

Jaw crusher lubrication system maintenance

Jaw crusher lubrication system maintenance first from understanding lubrication part begins. The lubrication part system uses to place lubrication oil convenient and reliable injection lubricating points of institution (the jaw crusher lubrication part system uses to place lubrication oil convenient and reliable injection lubricating points of institution).

Lubrication method as follows

1, To ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of the jaw crusher ought to be grease lubricated regularly. (typically once every 3-5 days plus).

2, Needs to be added in the bearing lubricating greases by volume-50%, every 3-6 months change again. Changing the grease application with clean gasoline or kerosene careful cleaning roller bearing parts, it will open the housing of the drain hole during cleaning.

3, This jaw crusher uses the grease needs to be according to usage of regions, conditions, usually using calcium based, sodium based or calcium base grease. When a drier in grease, thin oil and grease can be found use after reconciling.

4, Between jaws crusher toggle plate and toggle plate pad only when the assembly or maintenance, inside the land using the correct amount of grease.

Lubrication Systems of Gyratory Crushers

Oil supply unit for your circulating lubrication, oil cleaning and cooling as well as the main shaft hydraulics. Two pumps each (one of these on stand-by) are supplied for the lubrication system as well as for the cleaning and air conditioning to accomplish a top availability.

Lubrication from the upper main shaft bearing by electric/visual level control, Circulating lubrication of bushing and bevel gear pair, Hermetically sealed stationary lubrication from the antifriction bearings of the transmission gear, Circulating lubrication thrust bearing, eccentric bushing and slide ring with the eccentric bushing and bevel gear pair, Circulating lubrication system, return flow.

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